Gifting A Custom Frame? How To Make Your Present Picture Perfect

Picture frames are fantastic gifts since they allow your loved one to display a special memory. A custom frame is a good idea since you can also add text, like the date or location of the picture. Whether your gift is for a wedding or baby announcement, here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a custom frame. Use Legible Fonts It may be tempting to jump on a fancy script typeface.

Prepping Your Classroom for Women's History Lessons

When it comes to studying women’s history, you can get your students interested in learning more about the important role women have played in history. From classroom discussions, movies you can show in class, and historical nonfiction books about women for your classroom library, the materials you have in your classroom can help your students become more engaged in the topic. As you look for ways to inspire your students, you can do your own research about women in history that have made a difference to you.

Continually Losing Employees? Transformation Workshops May Help

If you’ve gone through a lot of employees, you might be stumped about why you can’t keep anybody for that long. This situation is often tied heavily to your office lifestyle and atmosphere, which can be rather negative without you realizing it. Thankfully, transformation workshops can help to minimize this problem in a variety of simple and unique ways. How Is Worker Retention Tied Ineffably to Your Office Lifestyle? If you continually lose employees and can’t figure out why, then there may be a good chance that your office atmosphere and personality is toxic and difficult for many to handle.