Prepping Your Classroom for Women's History Lessons

When it comes to studying women's history, you can get your students interested in learning more about the important role women have played in history. From classroom discussions, movies you can show in class, and historical nonfiction books about women for your classroom library, the materials you have in your classroom can help your students become more engaged in the topic. As you look for ways to inspire your students, you can do your own research about women in history that have made a difference to you.

Take the time to read about a new historical figure, review their information by watching a video, or get ideas for your classroom through reading historical nonfiction ebooks about women.

Women's History and the Impact of Women

As you choose the materials to bring into your classroom for women's history month, consider how in-depth you want to go with certain subjects. You may want to give more of an overview of women in history, outlining the impact women have had on the rights of women and the roles they have played. You can find historical nonfiction books on women suffragettes, talk about the early roles of women in the home, and discuss how women have only had the right to vote for a few decades.

Decide Who You Want Your Students to Learn About

You may also want to get more specific, going into detail about the lives of some of the women you want your class to study. Through films, historical nonfiction books about women and other classroom materials, you can give your students plenty of information to look through. Whether you want to teach about women writers, teachers, politicians, or activists, narrowing down your focus can lead to deeper discussions on the life of the individual and their contributions.

Provide Resources for Further Information

If you are having students complete a project during women's history month, you will want to provide your students with plenty of resources. From historical nonfiction books to website links that are trusted resource for accurate information, you want to guide your students to the resources where they are going to find the information they can use for reports or presentations. Start perusing your options by looking for ebooks by Joan Marsh LLC and others.

Your classroom can be a wonderful learning environment for women's history month when you have the right resources in place. Get your materials together by choosing a focus, and finding historical nonfiction books about women your students will become engaged in.