Do You Have A Child Wo Has ADHD?

If you are the parent of a child who has ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, you are probably looking for different ways to help your son or daughter. Perhaps you didn't even know that he or she had an actual name to his or her lack of attention and extreme busy-ness. You might have been called to our child's school where his or her teacher, or maybe a school nurse or counselor spoke to you about the possibility that your child has ADHD.

If so, that conference was probably followed by you taking your child to a professional doctor who diagnosed the disorder. Now that you know for sure that your child has ADHD, from planning each day to meeting with an ADHD rehabilitation specialist, here are some things that might help you to help your child reach his or her maximum performance and to be a happy kid.

A Learning Disability Rehabilitation Professional - The very doctor who diagnosed your child with ADHD might also provide learning disability rehabilitation. If not, he or she will give you names of trusted colleagues who will help you with your child's problem. You might be advised to give your child medications. If so, that might be very scary for you. After all, whoever heard of giving a child medicine just for being overly active and for not paying attention well?

Perhaps it would be good to talk to teachers who have had other students who have ADHD. Those teachers may tell you that medicine made a tremendous difference in the child's performance. You might be told that, once the child took medication, he or she wasn't getting in trouble all the time and he or she was able to perform at an optimum level. It might be that his or her real personality finally came to light after taking the correct medication.

Things You Can Do At Home - Your son or daughter who has ADHD might do best when he or she has a set plan for each day, maybe even a written list of things that will happen that day. For example, consider having a chart in your child's room that says something like, Get Your Face Washed, and Your Teeth Brushed, Get Dressed, Make Your Bed, Put Away Your Toys and, finally, Go For Breakfast. Then, have a list, maybe as simple as an index card, that states exactly what will be happening that day. Include things like, Go To The Grocery Store, Have Your Friend Over For Playtime, Go To The Movies, Read Your Books, and so on.