Advantages of Home Schooling Your Children in the Classical Method

As the public education system in the United States has grown and expanded, many parents are beginning to notice the creeping influence of specialization and corporatism. Students are now being taught merely to pass a series of arbitrary and high-stress exams without sufficient attention being paid to their individuality and depth. The cutting of art and music programs in many schools has left students searching hopelessly for expression that may seem impossible to find.

Thankfully, the use of classical education techniques will allow you to make sure that your child receives the broad-based knowledge that you value. Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of home schooling your child in this fashion, guaranteeing that they develop a proper appreciation for art and culture as well as math and science.

Development of Critical Thinking

The ability of a child to regurgitate information that has been transmitted to them can't truly be a measure of knowledge, as it doesn't properly examine understanding. Education should not simply be about a recitation of facts, but rather the ability to understand those facts and apply them in a way that will improve their lives.

Classical education relies on a more broad-based method of knowledge production that will require your child to think creatively to apply standard concepts to a modern context. This will force them to expand their minds and stretch the capacity of their brains, guaranteeing that they develop a new appreciation for what they're taught.

Appreciation of Culture

Given the numerous issues plaguing modern society, many people are searching desperately for ways to increase the respect and admiration that's felt for those who are deemed to be different. Unfortunately, this is simultaneous with children being taught a homogenized version of facts that downplays difference and cuts out cultural knowledge.

The classical method weaves the study of music and culture throughout conversations about language and history to create a fuller understanding of the way culture difference affects society. This can help your children be far more tolerant, loving, and aware of the world around them.

Growth of Rhetorical Skills

The spread of technology and the corresponding decrease in personal contact has de-emphasized the importance of stirring oration and open communication. If you want to be sure that your children will be able to interact openly and confidently with anyone they meet, a classical education will help instill the importance of rhetoric in them. This can turn them into commanding speakers who will be able to gather attention and notice for all of the right reasons.

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