Target Marketing To Grow Your Sales: Why It Is More Than Just Age

If your business is young, or even if you've operated it for years, you could probably use a little more cash flow. Sure, you can advertise a great sale that's sure to bring customers flocking to your door or website, but you have to market it to the right people. In today's ever-changing world, target marketing means more than just an age group, and if you understand who to market certain items to, your sales can grow more than you expect. This guide explains who you should consider when putting together a marketing strategy.

Socioeconomic Status

Design ads that attract people who earn the amount of money needed to afford your product. If you have a luxury item, your ads should project sophistication. If your product is more affordable, then your ad should encourage purchases without being tacky in your approach. Do say that it's affordable for most, but don't push that point too much or you'll risk the ad looking cheap, and that drives customers away.

Keep in mind that more and more people are thinking about building a good credit score. More people understand the importance of not getting in over their head financially. But because people are paying more attention to their credit score, you might find that more people can't afford your high-priced item.

Technological Know-How

Most people these days know how to use a computer and a smartphone. But some are better at it than others are. If you have a product that uses an app, then design your ad toward those people. The more relevant your ad, the more everyone might be attracted to your product.

A good example is a pair of high-heeled shoes. You can have a girl wearing a pair of heels while using a smartphone in your ads. This type of target marketing transcends the stereotypical age demographics. Girls of all ages love smartphones, and they also love heels! The phone connects potential customers with your product and they'll feel as if you understand them better.

Recycled Lives

The news is filled with statistics on college grads moving back in with their parents until they can find the right job. This means that your target market of those in their 50s have different needs and desires than they did in the past.

Let go of what you thought you knew about "empty nesters" because this demographic is living a recycled life. They are into the family lifestyle again, instead of traveling around the country in an RV.

Their kids are also living recycled lives and may not have a need for a new microwave oven for their apartment, because they don't have one.

Another form of a recycled life is a divorced individual who is remarrying at a later age. These folks may even have young children at home. Keep them in mind when creating ads for younger families. Remember, they may not all be young, and you'll miss out on customers who have had the opportunity to build a savings and could potential afford your products.  

Learn as much as you can when creating a marketing plan to bring more money into your business, and subsequently your wallet. Keep the changing world in mind and read as many books as you can to learn how to grow your sales, while reaching new demographics as well.